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Do not leave any loose end in your real estate investments

Our legal, financial and tax advice will make it easier for you to accurately evaluate the returns of your investment; being it through a private rental, a long-term operation or as part of your business strategy.

A proper knowledge of the current status of your finances and properties, together with an expert´s assessment on the overall impact that any financial operation will entail is key to avoid excessive taxes or undesired fiscal surprises.

Our Legal Department will develop a comprehensive report on your current financial status and propose different simulations for you to be able to make an informed decision.

If you wish, we can also supervise your sales or rental contracts, help you with any inheritance, usufruct or donation process you may need to go through.

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Madara can manage for you any property incidence:

  • Slow payers
  • Non-payments
  • Contract extensions
  • Subrogations
  • Redecorations and renewals
  • Complaints
  • Condominium management

Working with us you will receive constant updates on any legal and tax information related to your properties. We ensure you will remain informed of any change which may affect your condition as an investor.

Do not hesitate to ask us about establishing a Company – being it a corporation, a limited company or any other legal form- to organize the exploitation of your properties.