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Advisory services for Real Estate investments

Whether for personal use, rental returns, to set up an office or a shop, we look for the property you need. We work to meet your needs with a careful look into the future, reasoning with a profitable mind towards your acquisition.
It is important to be proactive when buying a home. You should consider what future plans are anticipated for that area, if it is upgraded, and if your property allows good reforms which increase your property’s net value …Simply put, you should ensure your property´s value will increase in the event you want to sell it.

To make the process as simple as possible, we have organized our advisory services around six steps:

1. Defining the need

We study our client’s current and future needs in detail to identify the kind of property which will suit them best.

2. Selection and proposal of candidate properties

We deliver reports of several properties to let the customer decide which interests him/her most. All options presented meet the requirements set by the client. After an initial selection, we carry out a further analysis of his/her needs.
We serve the construction and conservation status (with proposed redevelopment where appropriate), reviewing the legal status, charges, current development plans, etc.

3. Negotiation

We negotiate rates and delivery terms with the current owners, always looking for the best advantage for our client.

 4. Management and transaction
We prepare sales contracts, revise estate subrogation and we guide our clients throughout the process to meet the paperwork demands by different administrations. We guarantee the best defence of our client´s interests.

5. Reform and improvement

If required, we provide a comprehensive management or reform plan, including the appropriate administrative procedures, designed to make the most of your new property – delivering the house ready for your immediate move in  

6. Property Management and Consulting
We care for our client´s investment. We take care of the rent collection and management of the property. And if you have no tenants, we’ll find them for you!

We also advise our clients on the Real Estate Market, providing information about the best time for selling or buying and remaining by their side along the process.