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Madara Gestión y Proyectos (Madara Management and Project Services) was founded in 2008 as a Real Estate Services company dedicated to finding comprehensive solutions for people interested in buying and/or exploiting property in Spain, be it a flat or a house, an office, a warehouse or a plot of land.
We provide customized solutions that range from finding the property you are looking for to providing legal and tax advice including the designing and developing of architectural and construction projects.

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If you are considering investing in property, we can help you make the most of your investment no matter what your needs are. Our professional services will avoid you unpleasant surprises and inconveniences, thus saving money and time.

Our Legal Department will advise you with any types of contracts, accompanying you with any legal issue (donations, inheritance and leasing of lands as well as inheritance taxes, estates, and capital gains). For buying or selling with all guarantees.

We believe that you should not buy any property without knowing its state of conservation, future urban development plans or uses permitted by the city council.  Our Technical Department will make the necessary inquiries in your municipality to ensure that the property meets your needs in accordance with regulations.

If renovations are needed, our Architectural and Reforms Department is prepared to design, plan and execute any types of projects including turnkey services with minimal intervention to constructing a new building. Your new property adapted to your taste and needs!